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  • The summer is coming

    18 March 2016

    The summer is coming The summer is coming. Not the winter, the summer. The downside of living in NY is that we have winter, and with it the cold weather. That is the only thing I hate about living here. But moving to some warmer parts of the states is...

  • NEW Disappointing Products! 2016

    17 March 2016 ( #beauty, #video, #YouTube, #sephora, #ulta, #makeup )

    Thought it was time to film another Round of Disappointing Products! Hope you enjoy :) * OPEN FOR MORE INFO! See my first Disappointing Products Video HERE . CONGRATS to the 2K Giveaway Winner: Yolanda Triana! :) Thanks to all of you who entered. I will...

  • 10 NEW Drugstore Dupes! Affordable Alternatives

    18 March 2016 ( #drugstore dupes, #video, #YouTube, #beauty )

    I had so much fun the last time I filmed a DRUGSTORE DUPES Video- I had to do it again! Hope you enjoy ;) (Open for more Info...) ⇣ ♥ PRODUCTS MENTIONED ♥ ⇣ $32 HIGH-END: Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anna $6 DUPE: Colour Pop Lippie Stick in Lumière $24...

  • Recettes originales : pop-corn

    18 March 2016 ( #Recette )

    Recettes originales : pop-corn La bouffe, c'est la vie ! Et sur ce point, on est tous d'accord. Que ce soit du sucré, ou plutôt du salé, tout le monde à ses points faibles. L'avantage du pop-corn, c'est qu'il peut autant être sucré que salé . Mais si...