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The summer is coming

The summer is coming

The summer is coming. Not the winter, the summer.

The downside of living in NY is that we have winter, and with it the cold weather. That is the only thing I hate about living here. But moving to some warmer parts of the states is not something that is possible at this moment. But, a close friend of mine has a house on the shore a few hundred miles from NY and we go there all the time.

It is amazing but since he does not live there, there is no power there so I can’t stay for long due to work and life overall. The thing is, since I have had some success with work over these past few months I’ve decided to get us a generator. Because I don’t have any clue about generators I did some searching and I have found a website http://thebestgenerator.com and on it I have found a perfect generator for his place. It will provide me with possibility to stay there longer because I will be able to charge my phones and laptop while I am there.

The weather will be the main criteria when we will go there. But I think that I am going to stay there at least for a week. Bringing enough food and supplies will be something I need to take care of. But this generator I have bought will be the best thing ever. We split the bills and we are off.